Bonjour Madame!

Bonjour Madame!

I was happy to be invited by Ingo Kuzia to be part of the 10. Havelländisches Künstlersymposium in Mai 2016. 4 other photographers (Stefan Boness, Lene Münch, Karen Stuke, Peter Westphal) and I had 3 weeks to work on the topic "flüchtig" (ephemeral, fugacious...).

For 15 years I am living in Berlin: Berlin has become my city, its television tower my favorite symbol. When I return to Berlin, by car, by plane, and I see the TV tower, I know I'm home.

THE Tower in German, masculine, is LA tour in French, feminine. I ignore the phallic symbolism of the television tower and see instead a very beautiful woman with ample bosom... whom I greet with a loud « Bonjour Madame! » each time I see her in the city.
This small photofilm, quite different from my usual photojournalistic work, is my answer to the topic « flüchtig » (ephemeral, fugacious): a small, personal story - en passant precisely.

Amélie Losier

Photofilm (fiction),
1 min, 2016


2017 Bonjour Madame!, projection of the photofilm, Festival Transizioni, Bergamo
2016 Bonjour Madame!, projection of the photofilm, 10. Haveländisches Künstler-Symposium

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