Invisible People . Berlinale Backstage

Invisible People . Berlinale Backstage

With this reportage I took a look where the normal public doesn't: behind the scenes of the important international film festival in Berlin.

I captured what escapes the coverage beyond the red carpet, the people whose love of cinema provides the foundation for the spotlight and who usually remain in the dark themselves. While the stars and filmmakers shine in the light and the films are running in the darkness of the theaters, cinema projectionists, film storage employees, photographers and journalists, security guards, cleaners, poster hangers, ushers and many others are at work. It is about putting a light on these hardworking people who almost invisibly contribute to make such a large festival run smoothly and magically.

Amélie Losier


2013 Berlinale Backstage, Schauspielhaus, Magdeburg
2012 Berlinale Backstage, Kino Babylon, Hagen
2010 Berlinale Backstage, Galerie Junge Fotografie, Moviemento, Berlin

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