Just Like a Woman . New York City

Just Like a Woman. New York City

A light, the corner of a street, a face, a situation, a building. Everywhere I lay my eyes, I recognize a well known photography that was taken there. I walk through the streets. I think about the NY-movie of Raymond Depardon. New York keeps being fascinating but impossible to capture.
And the words of Arno Fischer come to mind: Look, look with your eyes!
So I look: then I see its day lights, its night lights. Its reflections. Its shadows. Its multiple layers showing the crowd at every time. And its men and women.

Amélie Losier

Excerpt from "Bilder einer Stadt" Preface of the book by Franziska Schmidt

"The New York, as Amélie Losier understands this unique metropolis, is less to be assigned to pure documentary or so-called street photography, but rather resembles a kaleidoscope landscape light, a psychological and physiological penetration and interpretation of this city. It is the light that the photographer stages in her pictures, takes as a point of reference for her lines of vision and lets direct them: Light reflections, light refractions, light superimpositions, light penetrations. Fascinated by a brightness that fills everything despite Manhattan's high urban canyons, Losier understands the city as a kind of metaphorical construct. Like collages, passers-by, cars, signs, buildings, window views and reflections merge into a cubist-like structure in which time, perspective, and order in space begin to dissolve. Moments, encounters, people, colors, forms interpenetrate and overlap. Images that seem to change, catch up, overtake, ultimately blend, merge and begin to flow. In such permeability, New York, seen through Losier's eyes, appears to us as a dream structure that is able to bring the wonderful and the hidden out of the innermost.

Ultimately, it was the women Losier sought and found in New York, possibly driven by a sense of self or personal self-questioning. "It's all about love and lost." With charm and wit, Losier's female protagonists reveal themselves to their own portrait in front of the camera, in a brief moment only, a kind of posing, positioning themselves, but with proud and upright posture. How does one encounter this city? As directly as possible, sometimes a little hesitant, perhaps skeptical, amused or challenging. They are smart women, beautiful women, normal women, simply women that Losier has met. She was obviously impressed by their independence and self-reliance, which corresponds not only to her own self-perception, but also to a feeling for this city."


Amélie Losier, Just like a Woman

Preface by Franziska Schmidt, Art historian

Verlag Nimbus Kunst und Bücher, Wädenswil Zürich (2014)
112 pages, 67 photographs
21cm x 30cm, ISBN 978-3-907142-39-4


2014 Just like a Woman, New York City, Galerie Tempelhof Museum, Berlin
2013 Just like a woman, projection at Nomadic Nights «Marie déménage», Fondation Cartier, Paris

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