Words Are Flying Away . The Exiled Memory

Words are Flying Away . The Exiled Memory
Les mots s'envolent . La mémoire en exil

As Andrée moved into a residence for elderly, she tried to adapt to her new life there, taking part to the daily meals, meeting the other residents and she continued to organize her life independently, despite a certain lack of mobility.

Soon the doctors diagnosed Alzheimer's: Andrée forgot to take her medicines, to have lunch with the other, and not longer recognized her own children on the phone. She closed herself more and more and stayed at home killing time.

Part of her story was being lost with her loss of memory.

I accompanied her in her daily life for five years through photography and sound recording to capture a photographic portrait of an old woman whose Alzheimer's disease is like a wounded metaphor of old age: Andrée's memories were wiped away prematurely, and through it, the history of her family. My Family.

My work leads to an intimate photofilm portrait of Andrée, that depicts a sense of old age, Alzheimer's and a family chapter that vanishes while the historical memories of the last Pieds-Noirs from Algeria disappear peu à peu.

Amélie Losier

13 min, in French with English subtitles, 2014


2016 Exhibition "Filmriss/Blackout", European Month of Photography, Kommunale Galerie Steglitz, Berlin
2015 Exhibition "Family", Galerie Tête, Berlin
2014 Exhibition "Family", Festival Transphotographiques, Lille
2013 Exhibition "Family", Galerie Atelier, Voies Off-Festival Arles, Galerie Vincens Sala, Paris-Photo
        Premiere Projection, Bar Babette, Berlin

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