SAYEDA . Women in Egypt

SAYEDA*. Women in Egypt

Is a photographic work showing portraits of Egyptian women in an country between Arab Spring and military government: one of four taxi drivers in Cairo, the first candidate woman for presidential election, activists, workers, housewives, with or without headscarf.

The photographer approached Egyptian women from different walks of life whose position in society depends on religion, education, age and socio-economic situation, made portraits and interviews of these women at their place of living, in the private sphere: they talked among other things about a highly patriarchal society, the weight of religion, the sexual harassment as everyday reality, and also about dreams, love and sexuality. The photographer bears witness to the feminine Egypt between economic growth and stagnation. The result is a photo book with 90 photographs and 30 interviews (published at Nimbus, 2017) as well as 4 photofilms, about the situation of women in Egypt, in light of the question: what does it mean to be a woman in Egypt today?

* “Sayeda” means “Woman” in arabic


SAYEDA. Frauen in Ägypten. Women in Egypt. Femmes d’Égypte von Amélie Losier

90 photographs and 30 Interviews by Amélie Losier 
Preface by Hoda Salah, Politic scientist and writer 
Essay and Interview by Franziska Schmidt, Art historian 

Languages: German, English, French 

Verlag Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher, Wädenswil (2017)
288 pages on two papers, 90 photographes, 30 Interviews
21cm x 30cm, ISBN 978-3-03850-037-7 


2021 SAYEDA, Photographs and Photofilms, Double Exhibition Face to Face with Frank Gaudlitz, Museum of Fine Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia
2020 Exhibition of SAYEDA, Photographs and Photofilms, Double Exhibition Face to Face with Frank Gaudlitz, Rosphoto, St Petersbourg, and Museum in Arkhangelsk, Russia
2019 Projections at Goethe Institute, Cairo 
Talk "Making Of", Goethe Institut Sankt Petersburg, Russland
2018 Exhibition „SAYEDA“ at „Haus am Kleistpark“, Photographs and Photofilms, Berlin
Book presentation in Berlin (Librairie Galeries Lafayette)
Talk, International Women's Day at Institut Français, Berlin
Talk, DAFG Deutsch-Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Berlin
2017 Book publication « SAYEDA. Frauen in Ägypten. Women in Egypt. Femmes d’Égypte » at Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher 
Book presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Fotografie Forum, Frankfurt a.M. 
Book presentation, Festival Zürich Liest, Zürich
Book presentation, Festival Buch Basel 
2014-2016 Talks at Collège de la Mère de Dieu, Cairo
2016 Image Festival Amman, Jordanien: Exhibition of 20 Portraits at French Institute Jordan 
2014 Talk at Symposium Fotografie, Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo 

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